Thursday, October 18, 2012

Perhaps I was carrying too much?

I have missed a Sunday post- my apologies.  A nasty cold started at the beginning of last week. I took three days off work with lots of tea, chicken soup and supplements.  Certainly three days was enough for my body to heal itself from a common cold.  I hopped my hacking self back in the saddle and life got back to normal for two days.  Or at least I tried to fake it. Then my body said “Enough”!

Hello new friend…
You’ve come to pay me for my sins,
Your wicked virus, it wa-as creeping…
Into my voicebox while I was sleeping,
With the bronchitis… that you planted in my chest,
I get no rest,
Within the sound…of silence.

A lot of Simon and Garfunkel growing up.  And on that note, being a bit tuckered out to write much, I am posting below an essay that I wrote for my mother.  We are a family of women who often try to do too much.  Take on more than we can carry and don’t put ourselves first often enough.  As I try to sleep upright on my red couch for the 4th night in a row, legs stretched out across the ottoman, I shall tell myself this story.  And remind myself to be careful how much I carry. A body will find one way or another to crack under the strain.

Essay for Mums

If one pictures a woman carrying too many things on her back, causing her to stoop slightly forward, and then one pictures all manner and sort of thing (I see cats, luggage, books, food, papers, etc) falling from the sky- well those items are going to get stuck and heaped upon the things already on her back, causing her bend forward more and thus create even more surface for things to begin collecting on, as her back becomes horizontal to the earth.

Now envision a woman strolling along with a tidy handbag or small satchel at her side, holding just enough and not too much. Standing all proper straight and Mary Poppins like...perhaps even wearing a black raincoat and holding an umbrella (for which to open upon her head when things begin to fall from the sky!).  Well, then when crap starts falling, as it will, it's not going to get stuck on her! It’s logical, it’s physics. And if she's quick with the umbrella then things won't even hit her in the head ;) 

So these are the options- we can continue to collect too much crap on our backs until it causes our schnoz to hit the floor.  At which point everything will come sliding off anyhow, but we'll be a bit bent and battered and worse for the wear.  Or one can carry only what is proper and not too much, stand straight and tall, and keep one's umbrella and rain coat at the ready! 

 Of course a particularly heavy object, say a davenport, could fall directly on us and squash us, regardless.  It is those moments that friends and family are needed to assist in the removal of the sofa and helping you to right yourself.  In the meantime I say to you, "Shake any unnecessary crap off of your back, stand straight and let it fall to the floor if it must...if it's important to someone else, they will pick it up.  Carry only what you can fit into your Mary Poppins satchel.  Chin up, jacket on, umbrella ready!"

I'm glad for the noisy rain's awfully quiet around here when I can't talk!


  1. I got to talk a bit today, not much yet...something I definitely take for granted. Though I wonder if my family is enjoying the peace and quiet?

  2. what a wonderful analogy! i've never thought of it quite like that before, but it makes perfect sense. Hugs~