Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll!

I'm talking about politics of course!  Special post-election day blog post!
We have two states legalizing marijuana (to be regulated and taxed of course).
Two states approve, by a vote of the people, same-sex marriage. Hopefully Washington state will join that elite group by the end of the tallying.
And while Chris Cornell did not run for Governor of Washington...we did get a little bit of rock 'n roll thrown into the mix when President Obama played matchmaker for Bruce Springsteen and New Jersey's Republic Governor Christie!
Ah America...I love ya!
The presidential popular vote is close and I respect that many of my fellow Americans would like to see different changes than I.  But there is always common ground. May we find some. And may we all look for ways to dialogue and compromise in the rough and tumble, wonderful way of our democracy! 
And Puerto Rico?  Come on down! You're the next contestant on "The Vote is Yours!"  Things are only going to get more interesting for all, and equitable for you, if you join this party!
Wednesday or not, interferon hangover and all, Just Only Judy will be grinning much of the day! Maybe play a little "Changes" from Bowie.  Or some Springsteen.  Or start harassing Chris Cornell about his future as governor.  Oh the possibilities...

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