Thursday, December 27, 2012

A late Christmas blog

My apologies for missing my Sunday post!  I was frantically doing last minute holiday preparations, as I usually am! I always think I have more done than I actually do and find myself in a last minute scramble.
Do you have friends or relatives spread out around this country, or the world? Did you find yourself without enough money to buy gifts for everyone?  Not enough time to get them boxed up and sent out in order to arrive by Christmas?  If so, feel free to borrow this poem, written by my sister and I some time in the early 90’s.  I have done a small bit of editing to make it more universally appropriate for anyone. It's a new, or old, twist on 'gifting'. Enjoy.

The Crowe Christmas Rhyme

Twas the day before New Years and all through the house
people were wondering…
“Where the heck are our gifts?”
They’d been waiting and waiting,
with minds all a wonder…
What could they be sending
from the mountains o’er yonder?
The Yule had come, the Yule had gone
and not a gift, not a single one.
With heavy a heart and nary a prayer
They stepped outside into the cool crisp air.
They looked all around and what did they see,
but a little brown box.
Oh the Glee! Oh the Glee!

They hurried inside,
their booty in tow,
all so excited,
but how could they know?
That back on the coast the folks have no money,
So in lieu of some gifts, they had sent something funny!
They had thought long and hard
Then said “Oh what the heck!”
“Just wrap something up, they don’t care what they get!”
So they wrapped up some green beans
and a cake in a box.
They wrapped up some Kleenex
and a new pair of socks.
They wrapped an old hat and a purple kazoo,
a toy for a cat and some chewing gum too.
Then the package was sent,
along with this rhyme.
In the hopes that good humor
could make up for lost time.

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  1. no matter how good my intentions were, i never could get my daughter and granddaughters' gifts to them on time when they lived down in Florida. it really made me feel bad and inadequate until one year when they were REALLY late - they arrived on February 6th - my daughter said "but this is great, Mom! nobody else got presents today!"
    i LOVE your poem and i love the sweet memory it brought back for me. thanks, Judy. i hope your Christmas was full of love. Hugs~