Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pebble and Rock

This week you get a poem.  An older one. I have decided to share it now. My studies and life, as it is, have taken away my ability to ponder much beyond the basics. And I am not in the mood for environmental health metaphors.  So here's something different...

The water spinning, churning,

flows over and around the rock.

Small pebbles take shelter in the grooves, unwilling travelers

to an unknown destination.
They burrow holes that take a day,
and a lifetime,
to become complete.
Completion a result of disintegration.
The pebble trapped in its self-made tomb.

Betrayed by a gesture of affection,

damaged by an expression of love.
A need for shelter, a false provision of safety.
So I ask this-
Does the rock feel guilty for trapping the pebble?
Is the pebble to blame for scarring the rock?

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