Saturday, May 18, 2013


I am studying like a mad woman...there won't be much of a post this week. Tuesday is test day! In the meantime a few tidbits:

Someone from my bank called me a few weeks ago and introduced himself as my 'Relationship Banker'. So I made an appointment. Turns out he just wanted to talk about refinancing the house. I thought he could help me make wise relationship investments, decide which stocks to part with, perhaps consolidate some relationships...I don't know...I had so many options in my head.  Alas.

In today's studies I learned about a useful tool called a "scintillation detector". Oh how I wanted one! I could wander hallways, shopping malls and restaurants, waiting for the detector to alert me to a scintillating conversation. I envisioned a bright yellow light and the option to set it to 'vibrate', in case you wanted to eavesdrop instead of join in. But apparently it is only useful for identifying nuclides that emit beta radiation. And primarily a lab-based instrument to boot.  Again I say alas.

I know those of you in the world of environmental health are saying to yourselves right about now, “Oh B. Cereus Judy, enough with your attempts at wit.”  Sorry, RS delirium.

For a final little share- the photos are of my 89 year old grandmother and my mom on their road trip to Idaho. Documentation for last week’s “Thump” post. Look at that dust on the back of the car…hmm…don’t you wonder if they did a little spin? Caught some air on a country road? I wonder what was playing on the radio. I bet they had the windows down and the wind in their hair.  I want an orange car. I wish I could say that would be ‘vulnificus’!  But that’s not really a good thing. It would be pretty fun though!

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