Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Busy Life...Good Life

Is it violating the rules of blogging to post a link to another blog post? Especially if it's my own?  I don't really know...but I'm pretty sure it's easier and it will let you all check out the MS Relief website where there are some interesting articles and writers focused on positive ways to deal with MS, disability and life in general.  I have a 'Guest Blogger' spot there once a month.
As you can tell by my lack of a post this past weekend, life is busy right now! Budget ruckus at work, layoff notices that won't really result in layoffs I hope, busy-ness searching for new funding opportunities...on and on the world of work goes.
Here at home we are readying the house for a visit from my little sister, brother-in-law and two nieces and I could not be more excited! It seemed a good reason to fix the shower...and I'll share that story another time! Maybe. And also a good reason to do some spring-cleaning that's quite overdue. During the busy winter months of work and holidays, followed by massive studying for exam, I pretty much let my house fall into partial disarray.
Ah...and let's not forget my youngest son's excitement over his driver's permit. We are spending some good quality time together almost every evening, 30-40 minutes of driving, just before sunset. It is surprisingly peaceful and relaxing for me. (Yes- he's doing very well!)
So for this week I am sharing my first guest post on MS Relief...go check it out...hope you like it!

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