Monday, July 22, 2013

Stop. Rest. Regroup.

I have got to find someone to take a picture of me sitting on this stool. to keep my arm elevated while i type with one hand. you see my left arm has an IV port taped uncomfortably inside the tender bendy spot on my elbow.  Without a Dragon Speak program you will all see I can write short posts!   I am trying my first ever Solumedrol treatment. Leg was becoming truly a place where I will try anything,
Click here to read a great Solumedrol description.   I love the fourth paragraph about a bear trap!

Soon I will elaborate more on my "mountain" post. For today, know that the sky got too dark and the trail too steep. So I stopped.
I did not go home. I chose to rest, regroup, ask for help and wait for morning light. That's what I mean by stop. Don't quit for good. Just stop and regroup. Hope to be back on the trail Sunday.

Waiting for the clouds to pass

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