Monday, September 23, 2013

The Faerie Wood

I have just returned from a wonderful weekend away with my sister, mother and grandmother. No internet or computers...which is a lovely thing!

Many adventures and stories to reflect on. But rest assured that I will share the story of the "Faerie Wood" and perhaps I will share the story of the ensuing ruckus that the Faerie Wood created. 

There is one thing certain about traveling with the women in my family. There will be adventure, there will be merriment and there will be a ruckus! Guaranteed!

Oh yes, and food and snacks aplenty! 

Sister disturbed them. I did not want to follow sister Gretel to the "little shack over here" as she worked to find our way back to the main trail. Rain washouts made for some tricky traversing.


  1. This picture is fabulous, what a truly fantastic day it was!

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  3. I will have to write this one in installments...Episode I, or is the prologue, coming soon. Soon is Saturday or Sunday!